Lacey ...

I am not a huge fan of lace usually ...
but I love this spectacular wallpaper, called Marneys Lace Silver is by designer Louise Body.
I can see this featuring beautifully in a serene but quietly flamboyant bedroom ...
or perhaps as a runner down long trestle tables for an intimate night time garden wedding with fairy lights glowing overhead ...
(Hint hint my dear Alicia xx)


  1. Lace is the perfect accent for weddings. I designed my wedding dress with a big lacey V neck collar. I love that wallpaper too!

  2. The image I have in my head for "quietly flamboyant" is a tiptoeing drag queen with a finger pursed to her lips. Methinks not quite what you were imagining.
    Have been loving the posts Miss Em. Hope you are soaking up some of that sunshine for us.


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