Little Barn ...

I think this is my perfect forever house ...
Benno, take note, this is exactly how I want the big red shed to look like ...
I seriously love that wall of glass ...
and the interior is just superb ... might do with a little white paint splashed around though ...!


  1. Now this is awesome. I love high ceilings and exposed wood beams, the barn look, yeah that's it, the barn look. Heidi

  2. That's awesome. Now that would make a great shop. Ness xx

  3. Oh Em, I can see us having a massive dinner party here..then pushing the couch to the side to create the world's greatest home made dance floor! Bit of MC Hammer perhaps? Sal xx

  4. Oh my goodness - I want to move in right away - what a great space!

  5. This space is amazing! I always love a repurposed building, as well as a beautiful wall of windows (although, I think I'd need some sort of covering on them come night...)

  6. Wonderful building Emma! This is the sort of place you'd never want to ever leave. You'd just keep tweaking things to make you love it more.
    Millie ^_^


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