Oh Captain ... My Captain ...

A great shot of a gorgeous and slightly younger Jeff Bridges - he can be my husband for the week since he is already on the boat ...
Love a bit of collar-up, scruffed up hair and 4 day stubble ...
Hmmmm .....

Any objections to my thoery that Jeff is the ultimate silver fox?


  1. Do you remember him in "Against All Odds"? He was unbelievably hot. Same as in your post picture.

  2. Ok - I knew I was going to love your "nautical" themed week, but I didn't realise I'd love it this much - yum! he he x

  3. mmmmm..love your taste !!!!

    says me from Norway...I would have him on the wall above my bed if it wasent for my housbond...he he perfect in my nautical bedroom mmmmm..dreaming....

  4. "The MAN"!He has the most beautiful hands (above other things...). I always remember him in "The fabulous Baker boys" playing the piano.

  5. Oh my! I love Jeff Bridges. And that picture is yummy. Awesome blog!

  6. Oh Captain...My Captain, indeed!


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