Shingle Love ...

It is really heating up here ... 33 degrees on Friday ... and all this heat is getting me thinking about beach houses ...
I discovered this darling over at Cottage Living - a lovingly restored 1904 Fisherman's cottage on Shelter Island, New York ...
I love the tall hedges gracing the boundaries and I would never tire of those weathered silvery shingles ...

Great to see a beachy interior not looking beachy at all!
This black and white rug is so bold and graphic ...

And don't get me started on this blackboard wall - so so so so good!
I love that it continues around the door, and how very appropriate that the owner has colour coordinated her outfit ...
Can't you just see the best parties under this pergola?
If you look closely to the right there is an outdoor fireplace ... a fabulous touch ...

I do really have a thing for Fisherman's cottages don't I?


  1. oh man - ok, i need to either change careers and become a fisherwoman or marry a fisherman if it means you get to hang out in places like this!!! (he he) - I NEED that kitchen and living room. x

  2. I love Cottage Living, it is one of the only subscriptions that I get in the mail becaues it always pays off. As for the last post, I love pugs, how could you not? Thanks, Heidi

  3. I love this house, especially the black and white. One day maybe I can live in a beautiful house like that. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Such a lovely collection of images! Crazy about the graphic black and white stripes of the second image.

  5. A stunning cottage!! I love the white sofa's with the blck & white stripes. Amanda x

  6. I want to attend that dinner party pronto!

  7. Great to see this innovative use of b&w Emm. I have a lovely lady on ebay in the US who collects Coastal Living for me & then ships me 6 issues @ a time for a very cheap rate! It is indeed a happy day behind the hedge when that parcel arrives!
    Millie ^_^

  8. Why oh why don't we see more of this style in Australia - so gorgeous!


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