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Whimsical chandeliers, ribbons, branches and stars juxtaposed with the usually quite scary crow - what a fabulous combination and spectacularly pretty result ...
Can't you just see these in a child's bedroom? Or as an invitation?

I wish I could draw like this ...

Leontine Greenberg is the artist and you can get your hands on one or two of them here


  1. O.k. I have to confess, of all my collections one of my favorite is my "bird" collection, I just love anything to do with birds.These photos are lovely, what a talent to have indeed. Chrissy

  2. They are so cute and would great with a huge white mat around them, hung in a group of 3. They would make great invites. I am off to have a look. Ness xx

  3. very delicate little illustrations, fun how the scary crow sort of interrupts the scene. i'm off to have a look too!


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