Bag Lady ...

I used to religiously search ebay for one of these darlings (after all ebay is the ultimate in recycling!) - I gave up after they got too expensive and I kept getting out bid! Grrrr ...

Still, they are the most fabulous recycling statement ... just gorgeous xx


  1. I found an identical one in a shop in adelaide for $30.00 not sure about authenticity though...!

  2. AnonymousMay 16, 2012

    If I saw your blog or this post earlier, I would have been able to help get you one or more!! :D:D Is it made to be sold in London or something like that? "ANYA HINDMARCH LONDON" is printed on the inside...
    I got it from a local night market for only RM5 (less than USD2)each! I got it for my sisters too. Just love it!
    By the way, LOVE your blog!


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