Baileys On Ice ...

Kim got me onto Baileys , the kings or furniture revitalisation ... I can't believe I hadn't heard of them before?!
Love all of it - ordering shipping crate full urgently!

Love love love xx


  1. Once again your post shows something that I not only collect but love...vintage clothes pins, I must have over 50 of them all over the house.Some holding up postcards, some under belljars and some just lying around with my balls of twine.Hey, as my daughter says"whatever floats your boat" Chrissy

  2. i am in love. i adore the rolling trolly and wire in-tray. thanks for indroducing them.

  3. Love Bailleys, especially their storage stuff. I have their book, Recycled Home, and I turn green with envy whenever I pour over it. Methinks the postage to Australia would be fairly pricey more's the pity!

  4. i saw your blog listed on shoptalk and so glad i did. it's wonderful and i'll bookmark you to keep up.

  5. Oh my goodness, what a fantastic place -- just full of wonderful things! Love the shoe storage and the 3-tiered rolling cart.


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