Broom Broom ...

Look at this gorgeous little van! Very frenchie and chic ...
Made by Citroen, it was originally designed as a delivery truck with a sliding side door and back entrance ... when I have a little shop one day it will be a lovely tax deduction ...

I might get a fleet in fact ... it's only $30,000 ... drop in the ocean (!?!)

Seen at my absolute favourite Sundance Catalogue ...


  1. i would even put my driver licence to use if i could drive this little cutie!! x

  2. lets all dream together, owning one of this beauty!

  3. Oh Emma, this is so gorgeous! I love this van!!

  4. Hope you get your shop soon Emma,
    Ness xx

  5. I would order things from your shop just so I could see this delivery van pull up at my house! and then you could come in for a cuppa while we admired the van through the kitchen window ;)

  6. I personally have my eye on one of the Minis with a union jack on the roof! Can you blog on that too emmie? It is very "you"!

  7. Very swish Emma - reminds me of the Harrods vans that zip around London delivering their booty to lucky folks. Of course I would much rather a delivery from your little shop over Harrods any day - much more stylish!
    Millie ^_^


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