Building Blocks

It was this photo of a lounge room of a beautiful Adelaide home (I posted on it yesterday) that first drew my attention to Sid Dickens' memory blocks. But of course, I just said to Em while flicking through a Home Beautiful in my lounge a couple of years ago over a block of top deck, bottles of pepsi max and one too many cheeky wines "ooooh, i like the cute tile things on this wall". Emma: "Oh yes, aren't the Sid Dicken's memory blocks just divine". Me: "huh? Sid what?"

Sidney Michael Dickens hails from Canada and spent until the age of 28 as a fishermen before studying art and travelling extensively while researching different art forms. In 1991 he established a new studio in Vancouver where he began creating his 'memory blocks'.

Each block is hand poured, painted and stained. Over five people work on creating one block.

They make fantastic collector items but I think they also make brilliant wedding gifts. Get a couple of friends together to buy a couple to commence the happy couples collection. Anniversaries, birthdays, births etc can be remembered and celebrated with the purchase of a new memory block.

I know they are available through domo collections and I believe you can order then online as well
Me? Well surprise effing surprise - I want me a couple of these as well. And while I have no impending engagement or wedding that require a registry that includes these stunners, I just may need to mark my 30th in a couple of months by purchasing some for my little self!!!
Thank you Emmy, for drawing my attention to what 'those pretty tile thingys' seen in a magazine a few years ago actually were - my credit card however is cursing you!!!
Kimberlee xx


  1. Chrissy vintagerhapsody-chrissyOctober 02, 2008

    Hi... well fancy that a fellow Canadian and even stranger I just got one of those blocks as a thank you from a client of mine...it is beautiful, but very heavy so I have not yet hung it.. it is from a store here called "PURE" which is very french. Have a great day, Chrissy

  2. I love! Lets get some pumpkin! Mum loved the ones that were slightly musical. I did see that you can bid on eBay on them but of course other people have cottoned on to that idea too and they are steep! Dream hey?

  3. I have loved his tiles for a long time now. The tile with the black hearts now sells for (if you can find it) over $5000.00!! Well worth the original $120.00 I say. His tiles are limited and he regularly brings out new collections, the old collection is stopped, then the price goes up. We are looking at having them at Marley & Lockyer...they are divine. Ness xx

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  5. had to kirtsy! brilliant!

  6. And I remember that house as well, soooo Radelaide! I must remember that I want a house with grey walls, dark floor and white skirting boards, divinely calming and sofisticated. Just like me, NOT!

  7. Come view Sid Dickens collections from around the world at www.siddickenscollectors.com

  8. When my family and I were on Haida Gwaii (where my son and daughter-in-law live)we drove by Mr. Dickens home in Sandspit. It's very grand. Love his tiles but can't afford them. I love your blog... you love many of the same things that I do!


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