Bye, Bye. Thanks for having me!

Thanks for having me Emma- its been short but sweet
(kinda like me..... ok, not at all like me. Well, maybe the short bit......but i tried!!)
Kimberlee xxx


  1. I am finding a new found career as a pimp I think ... you will thank me when he proposes in a few months! I have loved your posts - am touched at your thoughtfulness bella xx Happy weekend dreaming about your new husband xx

  2. P.S. i love the blossom - you know it is my favourite xx

  3. Ive been looking around at your blog and you are already one my favorite, I put you on my "list" if its ok with you..

    have a nice day

  4. I love that you two did this swap. I had guest bloggers all week and just adored being a reader of my own blog! This photo is lovely.

  5. Thanks Lil Bee - It was heaps of fun, and I totally agree, it is super exciting reading your own blog! - except be careful your guest blogger doesn't enter you in a television competition to find you a husband like mine did!?!?! he he xx
    PS - you had the best guest bloggers too by the way!! x

  6. Emma - I've tagged you. The least you can do is play along after last weeks efforts! he he xx

  7. What an interesting idea, and very brave of you both:-!

    Hugs from Gunilla in Singapore


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