Camp Chic ...

Now this is camping Emma style ...
Tonke Campers marry design elements from Gypsy Caravans and retro Italian speedboats (like in James Bond movies I guess) and with fabulous result ...
And even better, you can disconnect it and it will sit happily in the garden as a guest room until the urge to take off hits you again ...
How lovely!

Seen over at the always fantastic Materialicious


  1. Oh, this is so much fun. And I could pack the kids into it when they all got too noisy in the house - or maybe it would be better to go and camp out myself and leave the kids home. Either which way, very groovy!

  2. It's so ugly it's beautiful!

  3. I tagged you. :)
    Go to http://simplyelegant-k.blogspot.com to see

  4. That wood is beautiful, and it looks like a quite lovely way to "camp!"


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