Divine Twine ...

Oh Joy posted this loveliness last week ...created originally by David Stark ... party planner extraordinaire ... and I am obsessed!
A fellow string and twine devotee ... this definitely strikes a chord with me ... especially since I am also obsessed with creating innovative and quirky table settings ...
String goodliness ... and reuse at it's best xx


  1. "strikes a chord" - excuse the pun! he he

  2. Wow, this post makes me almost normal !! I thought I was the only one that was mad about twine an string.I also have a thing for those little labels with the bit of twine on them?! Great post, have a good day!!

  3. Dashed into my friend Kathy's store Uccello @ Hyde Park on Sat. & she has gorgeous tins of string on display. Thought of you Em!
    Millie ^_^


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