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This house is da bomb!!! - Hours have been spent by Emma and I flicking through mountains of mags (don't even start to add up the cost of all those mags, I would probably have reduced my mortgage by a fair bit if it had gone there instead!), and a 2006 issue of Home Beautiful has survived a couple of culls I've done of the mounting piles of interior design magazines at my place. Why? mainly because of this house....... I love the white floors and the use of a ladder as shelving. The use of pink throughout this Melbourne cottage is just delicious.
The collection of candlesticks is something I'm working on emulating in my own home. My sister gave me some cute little Villeroy and Boch numbers and I am currently 'babysitting' my friends tiffany sticks, a present received on their wedding day, while they sell their house...

This outdoor entertaining area is so cute and inviting, perfect for impromptu champagne and cupcake parties or the more organised weber barbecues...
Beautiful little collections of 'things' are dotted throughout this home. I love the asparagus....
Um hello - is this not the most divine bathroom? LOVING the trellis wallpaper. I've always loved the idea of using a finished diptyque candle holder as a vase - I hoped to do the same until I managed to smash mine while cleaning out what was left of the candle, clumsy plus.....

Vintage Emma Prettiness here - toile de jour, checks, glass cabinetry......
Kimberlee xx
All images from Home Beautiful


  1. Oh Kimmy, I remember that house from the mag! I llllooovvveee it! You are doing a wonderful job as special guest blogger! xx

  2. I'm loving this post.

    P.S the wallpaper is from Manuel Canovas :)

  3. OOh yes i remember that house too, loved it and yes guilty still have the mag. I even got rid of 100's last year but they are still threatening to take over the house! Still we love our mags and drooling over divine homes/rooms so its all good! Nice to come to your blog, Mel xx

  4. That house is just gorgeous! I especially love the 2nd shot and the use of pink! Your blog is awesome. I've bookmarked it.

  5. So glad this issue escaped the cull Miss K., what a divine little cottage. I spend far too much on mags. as well. However, it's my only vice, so I feel I can sort of justify it. Although, MOTH would file for divorce immediately if he ever sat down & did the sums!
    Millie ^_^

  6. I so so love this house - you remembered! The bathroom is fabbo! I mainly love how it is calm while still looks lived in - gorgous! When we go to Melbourne lets try and rent it!

  7. I love the second photo (with just the hint of pink,) and the wallpaper in the bathroom is fabulous!

  8. Thank you for the pix they are lovely. xo, MB

  9. lovely images..thanks for charing..

  10. is there any listing in the mag for the source of that green/white trellis wallpaper that was in the pic of the bathroom? it would be perfect for our remodel and i'm hoping you might be able to point me in the right direction! thx

  11. Sorry Brooke ... Kim was guest blogging and I am not sure - try a google search for trellis wallpaper perhaps? Good luck - post some pics if you succeed!


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