Light Divine

These photos are so so pretty -
just the kind on random wedding photos that always look the best ...

Thomas Dhellemmes, seen at Kirsty


  1. Just want to say that I like your blog...beautiful pictures and fun to read!

  2. Am enjoying reading your blog and trawling through the wonderful pictures. So many ideas , so little time :) We are about to renovate an old timber railway carriage (my studio). One half of the carriage has been renovated inside. We also plan to repaint the outside the original red colour. Exciting and daunting at the same time.

  3. wow - first pic looks like a lit up chesterfield.
    And to lower the tone a bit... Is that a baby or a small man-child being lifted into the air - methinks the latter

  4. trust you to swoop in and lower the tone pippy! - gorgeous shots, now that is a wedding emmy x

  5. breathtaking for sure!

  6. absolutely gorgeous! they could be made into invitations or thank you cards for guests. i am so partial to black and white photography anyway, it's sort of raw and pure and crisp. really pretty!


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