Pancake Puppy ...

I was getting nervous for my Friday puppy shot when I couldn't find any more puggies ...
And then ... Ms Unreliable (a new blog crush) swooped in and saved me with a link to this beautiful baby lying flat on his tummy like a pancake ...

I love puggies ...
But please let me know if they are wearing a bit thin with you my friends!

Luce tells me she sits and stares at them for hours because they are so cute ... at least someone else likes them as much as me ...!

Hope you all have a frivolous, gallivanting and fun weekend xx


  1. super cute - can't wait til they can genetically modify stuff and you could have them this big and cute their whole life! (ok, i'm KIDDING! - but it would be cool.......) x

  2. This guy is so ridiculously cute, but then I am just a sucker for dogs!

  3. That is one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen. My husband just loves pugs. Keep posting, who wouldn't love that face. MB

  4. Ah he gets cuter every time I look at him!

  5. Adorable; I meet my boss's two Pug's yesterday for the first time. Sugar Ray had been on deaths door a month ago and now I am happy to report he's as frisky as a kitten; they are such sweet things, lovely little souls.

    Have a good weekend

  6. Oh so so so cute! Please keep posting about puppies! I love them so much.

  7. Hello Emma -- was going to e-mail you another adorable pug, but could not find your e-mail, so here is the link:



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