Prop Queen

If Emma was a shop, she would be "The Propery". No contest.

She loves a good prop and has posted on them here, here and here.

She has an innate ability to turn brawn into beauty - I've tried many a time, but no matter how many 'dirty mattresses' I look under at 'vintage shops' all I find is someone elses dirty old crap they don't want.
But Emma? - she finds things like this drum (well, not this one exactly) - but she has a drum, that used to sit beautifully in the hallway of a cottage we used to share and I believe she is hoping to one day get a glass top made to turn it into a coffee table. Genius.

And if it wasn't for her eye for dirty turned delicious I wouldn't currently be lucky enough to be babysitting this and this while she is living interstate. Emmy-kins loves a good basket as well.
Emma loves a globe, or five. Her twin sister is an avid sailor and Em doesn't mind getting out on the family boat every so often and she displayed her love for all things nautical a week or so ago.

One of her most recent purchases were some supremely stunning old suitcases which worked well as the coffee table in her last abode in Unley just before she headed to the wild west.

Emma is supremely talented and intelligent and is excelling in her current chosen career of public health and nursing. However, White and Wander is a perfect example of her eye for all things exquisite and creative, and that passion for her own little store continues to brew and grow every day. I am hoping one day that you will come across a quaint little place, maybe a little like the propery, but a bit more Scandinavian, and a lot more white. There will be rolls of brown paper and red and white twine to wrap the little pretties you have bought in the corner, there is a high chance Elton John, Lionel Ritchie, Def Leppard and Westlife will be playing in the background (don't let that put you off though!), and as you enter the store you will hear a squeal of delight from out the back where the owner of the store, who is also an accomplished and well known shoe designer is putting the finishing touches to her latest shoe collection "Trotter" - She pops her head out and you go - "oh my, of course, It's Emma from White and Wander...." May the dream continue little one.

Kimberlee x


  1. I do admit to be having a little tear! Darling, you have made my year with those lovely comments - bring on the shop I say ... one day we will do it xxx

  2. I'm just loving this blog swapsies stuff! Miss K. you've got Emma's number something fearful!!
    Millie ^_

  3. Those suitcases and that shelf full of tins...OH, so lovely!

    I really can't stop looking at those tins. Love!!


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