Shed Reincarnation ...

Someone very clever and inspired has turned their potting sheds into a little guest cottage ...
How sweet ...
Reclaiming on a large scale ...

Gorgeous outdoor shower ... need to be a bit strategic with your showering times as there isn't a lot of coverage, but cute none the less!
See ABT and In(side) the Loop for more inspiration ...

I adore that pedestal mirror - where do I get one of them? Need it now!

I love that it is painted black ... really sets off the greenery and the white sailcloth ...
All in all, its not too fussy ... and not too simple ... just right x

From the ever stunning Marie Claire Maison


  1. Wow. Stunning and completely charming. I'd love to have or stay in a guest cottage that looked like that!

  2. this is so beautiful! I've starred it on my Google Reader. I would love love love to have such a charming spot for friends and family to stay!

  3. With a retreat like this in the bottom of the garden, I might actually allow some of MOTH's less than desirable dysfunctional relatives visit from Victoria!
    Millie ^_^

  4. oh my! I saved this same article some years ago in my future dream house binder! I love love your blog-thanks to a link from s.hopTalk! Take carE!


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