Three Sisters ...

Here is the rundown ...
'An intriguing nest of chambers, walkways, secret staircases and galleries, The Three Sisters Hotel in Tallinn, Estonia, is one-of-a-kind in every respect. Twenty-three rooms, each one unique in its furnishings and layout, are found in the three interconnecting, 14th-Century houses that form the hotel and give it its name.'

I think I can handle this ... I must remember it when next passing through Estonia ...

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  1. what a lovely hotel that is!!!

  2. WOW! I knew, that in the old town of Tallinn there is such a hotel..BUT.. Now reading your blog - I should stay there..

    Hello there! I am Anni, originally from Estonia, lived mostly in Finland (where I am right now) but also in Denmark and Malawi..

    Lovely blog you have! Welcome to take a look in mine, even my writtings are mostly in finnish..

  3. Simply beautiful, all the better for being shades of white!


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