Branch Love ...

Happiness is a gnarly mossy branch ....
This fabulousness was featured on Daily Candy, and then pimped over to me by Pip who knew I would have a heart attack..... she knows my soul mate is a stick shop!
Behold my fellow lovers of a branchiness ... Nettleton Hollow ...
This one is called Mitsumata ...
Kim, do you remember painting Crafers branches with white paint for Bec's Wedding flowers ....? What a treasure you were to trust me that they would be worth it in the end ...
And then for babysitting them for about a month when I moved .... even though they took up most of your spare room ...
Might have been a little less time consuming if I knew you could buy white branches ......!

This lovely one is natural birch ... swoon ....

And this fabulosity is this sandblasted grapewood ... sigh!

Last but not least, this gorgeous green Avena (Oats to us country folk!) ...
Stuff the new job ... I need a stick franchise immediately!


  1. you crack me up bella - um yes, how could i forget the 'white twiggies' - you forgot to mention the cuts to my feet when entering my spare room and momentarily forgetting they were strewn all over the floor, or nearly loosing an eye when i finally chucked them! but oh so worth it, you must post your arrangements Bec's wedding!
    And um, you'll get excited when you see my 'christmas tree' for this year, i'll post it next week, promise xx

  2. "Losing" i mean, not "loosing", man it is definitely friday....

  3. Emma! We are too alike! I have such a ridiculous love of branches!

    For my wedding, I wanted to use some branches that we used for another wedding (I work as a wedding/event floral designer.) They were quite unusual, and we'd gathered them from the bride's aunt's and uncle's farm. I saved them at our shop for 8 months so that I could use them at mine- and they are huge! Then my parent's had to cart them 10 hours down to where I live now (for my wedding!) They currently are still in my garage because I can't give them up. And I think my husband would secretly love to toss them, only he knows that I love them so.

    Long story! Anyways, your white-sprayed branches sound fab and all of these are beautiful! Love love love.

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