Hip Hip Hooray ...

What a momentous day in history this is ...
Congratulations on making a wonderful choice of leader, America xx

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  1. Good morning... could not agree with you more. As Canadians we are thrilled with the outcome. We even had Obama signs on our lawns here. Lets wish him luck and wait for change. Chrissy

  2. It is such an exciting time for America!!! :)!!!I really hope the country can come together under his leadership! Thanks for your support!

  3. Amen, a monumental day! My 10 year old son and I spent the night on wilkipedia, learning about the American Civil War, Martin Luther... just so he knows the significance of what he witnessed yesterday. Congratulations America... you got it so right! A-M xx

  4. Woohoo! Thanks so much for all the outpouring of support we've received from friends down under and around the world. so many of us americans with international sensibilities have been so disheartened by the way our country's reputation has (rightfully) declined in the eyes of the world. Here's to hoping we can ALL move forward together in a way that unites and motivates the world 'round. I really believe we have elected the man who can inspire us all to make that happen.

    (steps down from soapbox)


  5. Martin Luther King Jr.'s " I had a dream" speech said "do not judge us by the color of our skin, but rather by the content of our character."
    Therefore all of the Americans who voted for Obama clearly didn't listen to the speech. Obama has no character that we know of. Instead, once again, many judged him only by the color of his skin. Sad day for America and the world. Please don't rejoice for us!

  6. Well, anonymous, I don't really agree ... I am certainly no expert on American politics but from what I have seen he is an inspirational and moving man - a far cry from the Bush administration - and I think it has to be said that him being a black man and obtaining this position, IS a great feat. But we are all entitled to an opinion, and I welcome yours.

  7. Yes, I agree with you, it was a great day here! It's so heartwarming to hear other countries happy with the choice we made! I really am looking forward to change!

  8. hip hip hooray! we can only hope that in this country, Obama will create a new dynamic, a new mood, a new interaction with neighboring countries and help the world to see that we are not all they view us as, thanks to our previous leader! hoping for hope...

  9. First let me admit to being shallow-I love the house in the photo, that said, we should be supportive of our new President and hope that he is able to restore the American peoples' belief in themselves.
    We Americans should also attempt to learn more about politics and leadership in other nations.
    I work at the university that hosted the last debate...I was impressed with the students' interest level in the election.
    Love your blog.


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