Modern Loft ...

It is definitely no secret that I love a loft ... and this fine example is no exception ...
Certainly not as shabby and rambly as I am normally drawn to, but the gallery like spaces have really captured my attention ...
Take a minute to really look at the room above - it has been designed so cleverly to really take advantage of that wall of windows...
I can't get enough of that bright white everywhere ... from the glossy floor to the bookshelves at the far end ...
I love the mutey colours and the use of rugs to anchor each 'room' ...
Venetian mirrors get me every time ...

Close up shot of these fabulous cubby holes ...
I am a massive fan of freestanding furniture in the middle of a room to act as a division and an anchor ...
Note the gallery like accent lighting and chandelier - good to mix it up a bit ...
This gorgeous wardrobe is around the back of the bookshelves ...
What a lovely spot to sit and read (or have a glass of wine ...)
Another glorious freestanding piece of furniture ...
Don't you hate a desk against a wall ... I like to see what is going on!
And those sconces are just dreamy!

Certainly more modern than my usual style, but perhaps I am growing up a bit!


  1. OOoh shiny white floors, high ceilings, beautiful statement furniture...what's not to love?!

  2. LOVING THIS! My total dream space! - and in that dream it also has an outdoor area similar to that in Richard Gere's apartment in 'Autumn in New York".....

  3. Mmmm...I love the couch in that first photo! If I remember correctly, Gunklemann Flesher are a little obsessed with that couch and use it in several of their interiors...Fine by me!

  4. wow... just LOVE the way the ebony lines of the chairs pop in that all w white room, and how uncluttered the shelves are. fantastic finds! adding you to my blog roll, m'dear!

  5. Just gorgeous... ooh and I love all your Chrissie images down your side bar. Your blog is always such delicious eye candy... beats trucks and dirt every day! A-M xx

  6. That is the best house that you have EVER blogged about Emmie.....I am going to find myself a barn and paint it white right now!
    xxxx Lu

  7. Yes, I'm with Luce here Emm - don't like playing favourites but this is by far todays BEST post in the whole of blogland! Oh that Venetian mirror over the wash-stand - too, too gorgeous.
    Millie ^_^

  8. So.....what do you think those floors REALLY look like after people walk around on them? I see white floors in decorating magazines all time time and LOVE THEM. But I don't understand how they do not get dirty and ugly. Do they? And you just don't see it in the magazines??

  9. Kim, I love that you remember that courtyard - I used to pause on that scene!

    And Luce and Millie, thanks, I agree - am developing a more modern style I think, but still love a bit of a scrubby something or branchy bit in a corner!

    And Jennifer, I agree but I can suffer having to clean daily for such a stunning gallery like space - how we suffer in the name of beauty!

  10. I am loving all of these pics. Keep'em comming. Heidi

  11. Thanks for visiting....and for the add.. love your site as well and will add you to my blogroll.. I adore the pic with Venetian Mirror.. I have been wanting one forever. .since I saw in London at Jamie Oliver's restaurant to be precise! :-)
    Have a great weekend!
    xx Trina

    ps- love your banner too!!!

  12. oh I really like this black table..

  13. Thanks for all of the nice comments everyone! I designed and lived in the loft featured above (Andrew Flesher) I've been busy doing many more interiors and have started my own firm with offices in New York and Minneapolis- check out my new website: www.andrewflesher.com
    Thanks for posting Emma! BTW white floors really aren't that hard to take care of unless you have pets- definitely worth it!


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