New Blog Loves

Don't you get a kick out of discovering a blog you haven't seen before and sitting down and reading all their posts right back to the start?

I have too much time on my hands ... clearly ...

2 recent discoveries (I'm sure the rest of you know them already!) but just wanted to mention them anyway ...

Bunny Tomerlin for boating jaunts and notes on the perfect preppy summer wardrobe ...
(she is the one in the spectacular striped dress ... of course!)

and Holister Hovey for her fabulous British Colonial eBay purchases, musings on vintage style and love of all things taxidermy ...
(How clever is she for painting this ... I am so impressed!)

I would love to be friends with both of them xx


  1. You're gorgeous Emma. I am sure they would want to be friends with you too. Can't wait to sit down and trawl through these new blogs! A-M xx

  2. I know exactly what you mean about finding a great new blog! It's like finding buried treasure. p.s. I found you on Bunny's site. Been reading her forever!

  3. Love Bunny Tomerlin and Hollister Hovey!

    so addictive and singular. they've raised the bar for the rest of us! cheers to you, w&w!

  4. How sweet! Love your blog to bits!


While of course I appreciate your generous comments, please don't feel obliged ... just having you stop by is lovely enough!

Happy day dear friends xx