Pick a Bond ... Any Bond ...

I forgot to do a Monday man last week ...
And because I know you would have been most upset at me, I will make it up to you with these 6 fine specimens ...

I want to know your favourite ...

Sean ...

George ...

Roger ...

Tim ...

Pierce ...

and who could forget ... Dan ... grrr ....
(Luce said she saw the movie last night and said although it wasn't super great, he more than made up for it in drool factor ... what a fox!)

I am having lots of trouble chosing between numbers 1 and 6 ...

Oh, to be a Bond Girl, hey?

Thanks for the eye candy Mens Vogue xx


  1. Connery, Connery, Connery :)

  2. Daniel Craig hands down. But I love a bit of Sean - as an old bloke though - i find him more attractive grey and old then when he was a bond man, is that normal? x

  3. Sean baby - with DC a close Runner-Up!
    Millie ^_^

  4. This is a tough call. I'm going with Sean Connery, followed very closely by Daniel Craig.

  5. Number 1 is numero uno for me, but then along came Tim..*sigh* oooo but look there's Pierce *double sigh* but I cant go past Sean oooo ok I will take em all!

  6. Daniel Craig is IT! It's his slightly bashed-up good looks combined with his electrifying intensity. BTW, love your blog - it's one of my favorites!

  7. pierce.... totally pierce.

  8. Sean and Tim both make me drool.. Those eyes!!!

  9. Yum yum yum. Put a man in a tux and give him super-secret spy skills and I'm sold!

    It's a toss up between Dan and Pierce for me...this makes me think of that recent photo you posted of Ewan and Jude in bed together. Maybe they all want to take us out for dinner? :)

  10. I'm saying Daniel Craig. I know that it's because I'm young, but I'm fine with that. When he walks out of the water in the speedo - I thought I might pass out.

  11. I love to hear all these comments! Why are none of us going for Roger though? He was quite suave in his day I think ... but it is still Dan for me - the more he gets beaten up the better he gets!

  12. connery, craig and brosnon are all pretty hot. great post emma!

  13. It used to be Sean, until I met Daniel. Who the hell would have thought I would fall for a rather short, blond, froggy looking guy. Just goes to show you, it's in the way you use it....

  14. It's Timothy for me all the way!!Love his smile!


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