Red Repeat ...

Another 'red' entrance ... it's kind of my thing at the moment ...
This time, from a very stylish abode in Florence (or Firenze if you're feeling flouncy ...!)

I think the stripes are hand-drawn ... what a clever and patient chicken someone was?
And I just can't resist that twiggy branchy thing at the end and the dreamy light fitting ...

From the ever fabulous Interiors blog xx


  1. Florence has some of the most beautiful interiors, both historic and new! This hallway is lovely, makes me think of candy cane. Mmm candy.

  2. perfect emma space, perfect! x

  3. What a wonderful hallway. The lighting is so clever - just multiple hangings of the same light, great idea. Thanks for the inspiration - I wonder if I could make that stick instillation, am going to try. xv

  4. love the hallway but how great are all the hanging lantern lights and those boys in RL very cute, the rugby jersey's that is!


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