The Secret Spills ...

Yippee ...!

On a whim, I applied for a job in Melbourne a few months ago (things weren't great in the Wild West and I was looking to abandon the sinking ship) and to my amazement I have actually been offered it! While things have definitely improved here, the opportunity is definitely too good to pass up ...
It is still in the Public Health field but less nursing, more disease investigation, refugee health and policy development ... bring it on I say!
Am excited beyond belief to be closer to home and my darling family in Adelaide and be in a city that is renowned for its culture and spontaneity xx

So, posting may be a bit sparse as I pack up my entire life for the second time this year and move back across this big country ... but I will still be around ... don't worry ...
I always love a good move but am hoping this one will be the last for a good few years ...

Wish me luck xx


  1. Um, hello???? There is no mention in here of you getting to party with the most fabulous Slappers in Australia?????!!!! On a WEEKLY basis!xx

  2. Congratulations to you and best wishes from Texas!

  3. yay! it's out!! - a few years hey? neh, you'll get itchy feet and find somewhere else to go - the adventures of the travelling nursey being again, yay! xx

  4. How exciting for you Emm - the warmest of congratulations to you! Now I really will get to do some Millie scheming - gorgeous Son #2 who lives in Melbourne has just become 'available' again, oooh, I'm selfishly rubbing my hands together with glee!
    Millie ^_^

  5. Oh, congratulations! Sounds like an exciting job opportunity and move! And it's always nice to end up a little closer to home.

  6. Congrats and best of luck on the move!

  7. Good luck with your move!

    Over the years I have moved from Perth to Adelaide to Melbourne with an extended stay in the UK as well, and I have to say that at this point in time I can't imagine living anywhere else!

  8. I moved from Canada to Melbourne 8 years ago and never looked back! Congratulations-you'll love Melbourne!

  9. My congratulations and best of luck.X

  10. Congrats, Emma — this sounds great! And how lovely to be closer to family and a great city!


    P.S. Thanks so much for highlighting my blog this week — so sweet of you!



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