Therapy ...

If I lived in any of these pictures I would come home and cry every day ...
Sob tears of pure joy ...
I would need therapy because my house was just so beautiful ...
and then more therapy because I turned into a hermit and never left my house...
and then extra intensive therapy and double my medication dose because I never let anyone unattractive inside just in case they messed up the aesthetics ...

Am crying now ...

Would wreck my toast by sobbing into it as I made my breakfast in the morning looking out on to my perfect courtyard ...

I don't even like baths ...
but would be lying in this one turning into a prune even faster due to my constant bawling!

Should now be buying stocks in a tissue factory ...

Currently need a drip because I have crying related dehydration ...

I would just use the left over washing machine box and live outside my house on the stairs ... once I was relseased from the mental hospital, that is!

For you Luce ...
I know you will be hospitalised over this one ...
(Ha! Now you have to start blogging again because everyone will follow this link ...!)

Nicholas Matheus ... you bitch!


  1. possibly my most favouritest everest post of yours ever ever!! - you are a genius with words and finding the most amazing places. And it has reminded me, need to book another appointment with my therapist! xx and here, here - let's start a petition to get Luce blogging (although that masters of wine is probably going to keep her pretty busy!)

  2. Too funny Emma! Gorgeous inspiration here - that courtyard is amazing! Tracey x

  3. Oh Emma, what a wonderful post! I enjoyed everything: the gorgeous shots and your words. I would be surely crying to if I lived in a place like this! So lovely it hurts! xo

  4. That was a brilliant post! Thanks for the laugh, Emma -- and the lovely pictures, too!


  5. Lucky for you, tears are actually the secret ingredient in great toast!

  6. What a great post. Place is truly amazing and your story... thanks for the laugh!

  7. Oh Emma I cry too everytime I get home but for bloody different reasons!

    Try tools & renovating junk everywhere, floor tiles pulled up & left in a pile, bits of discarded wood & nails littering every centimetre of floor space, I could go on but won't - see you at the Therapist's office!!
    Millie ^_^

  8. What a great post. The photos are stunning and I especially love the mass of prints in the first shot. I can see why you would be a mess.
    Ness xx

  9. These are gorgeous! That courtyard couldn't look more charming, and the bathroom looks completely calming and relaxing! You also had me cracking up with your narrative. Love this post!

  10. I'm crying too...only it's because I wet myself while laughing so hard.

    If you like, I have some photos of my mom's 1980's decor (think Laura Ashley and lots of it) to dry your tears. Or perhaps just to get you crying for an altogether different reason!

  11. I just found your blog via simply natural and am enjoying myself quite a bit.
    The first image with the framed botanicals could definitely make me she a few tears myself.
    The doorway in the second image is just lovely against the white walls.

    Thank you!

  12. I am in love with this pos


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