Tumble Weed ...

Have I posted this before?

Oh well ... it deserves 2 posts anyway because it is Fabulous
(yes, with a capital F) ...
DIY ... Currently have a tumble-weed found rolling down my driveway as a prop ...

I know that sounds like I live in a Western (oh wait ... I basically do!)


  1. he he, i have images of you dressing in the morning, complete with chaps and gun holster!! - catch that tumble weed and prop it in a basket precious! xx

  2. so funny KB, I immediately got the Jameses Reyne and Blundell in my head...

    Way out west where the rain don't fall
    Got a job with the company
    Drilling for oil
    Just to make some change
    Living and a working on the land...

    now it won't get out

  3. Howdeeeeee Emm - I take it you don't mean the driveway @ Crafers?
    Millie ^_^

  4. I hear that The Martha is HUGE on tumbleweed in all her arrangements for spring...clearly you're way ahead of the trend ;)


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