Twine Heaven ...

Doesn't {frolic!} always find the best stuff?
This time ... my favourite thing in the whole wide world ...
Red and White twine!
Of course made even better because it is written in Italian ... Bianco e Rosso ... how lovely xx

From Angela Aliguori


  1. It is lovely, and so is the sales tag.

  2. The twine, the tag, the photo itself- simply lovely!

  3. I would love a roll of this twine & the tag is so cute. Thanks for sharing the 'new' blogs - will make for some lovely reading :)

  4. Twines are so lovely...so useful ( I can actually do so many things with them that makes other people happy)...and oh so nice to collect along with ribbons and special papers.

  5. Thanks for the link, Emma!I love twine too. I have so much around my house it is getting ridiculous.:)

  6. I'm so glad you all love the twine - it is just the most fabulous finish o any brown paper present xx


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