Well Propped ...

Could this be any more perfect?

Uniform glass jars on those scrumptuous metal shelves and casually filled with matchbooks ...
A big fan of a collection myself - and of course I love the art of propping ...

What do you collect purely for the art of display?

From Phoebe Howard


  1. Love the matchbooks, very unexpected! I'm probably an accidental jewelery box collector, although I do also seem to have a mild obsession with vases even though I never get around to filling them with flowers!

  2. You know I had a huge collection of matchboxes, from my one year of living in the US many years ago, and I threw them out - now I'm wishing I didn't.
    Now I collect shells - I have at least one in every single room of my house.
    Been lurking around your blog for a while - not only do I love you style, but I enjoy your writing as well - your humour and passion for interiors shines through. I'm going to pop you up as a favourite.

  3. Funnily enough my collection fetish is glass jars...love these.
    Ness xx

  4. So beautifully displayed. I have a few beautiful matchboxes I collected while traveling but nothing as stunning as this. But at the moment loving coral and shells & always piles of design books. Amanda x

  5. these are lovely :) i do a similar display in my workshop too. ribbons, beads, little bits and piecec. glass jars are precious!!!

  6. 2 collections for me Emm - all the boy's first pair of baby shoes & some might say (unkindly) husbands!
    Millie ^_^

  7. LOVE this pic! I'm always so intrigued by all the matchbooks out there and always want to take them home, but don't because I just know they'll end up tossed in the garbage. But this is a lovely way to display them!

    Without meaning to, I've started amassing a little collection of colored glassware...but the trouble is I have no place to display them! The only shelving I love is out of my budget for now, so my poor collection lives in the closet until I can show it off properly...

  8. I love this photo- what a perfect way to display the matchbooks!

    It feels perhaps a little college-like, but I save wine bottles with labels I love.

  9. My current obsession are the large wine jugs. I can't get enough of them. I always look for them when out at flea markets and antique stores.


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