Drum Roll ...

Have had a very eventful weekend watching DVDs when I am meant to be packing ...
Very sad I know ... am Bridget Jones and need to get a life!

Anyway, was watching 'The Holiday' and true to form scrutinising the interiors for ideas when this popped into my sight - a drum side table!

How excitement! I have mentioned my circus drum before and now I truly feel my worth as a decorator has been proven ....

Just joking of course ... but I was excited!
I always intended the drum to be a side table or coffee table with a glass top ...
And I think I may have another one on the way for Christmas courtesy of my fellow auction house scavenger Mum ...

Now I just need to find a replica of that little house, and a Jude Law husband ....

PS Google led me to these photos on the lovely Cote De Texas xx


  1. oh, you have just reminded me - I watch that again. Even though I don't know many English people who live in those cute little houses!

  2. I love it - and what AWESOME shots of the place, so much better than ones I've seen before - and why had I never seen the drum? ahh the drum, brings back memories x

  3. Such a sweet movie, and that house is so charming. And, perhaps you should just add the Jude Law husband to your Christmas list- I mean, Santa surely would listen to that request, huh?

    And how exciting that you may soon have a pair to your drum!

  4. What a charming place. I knew I liked it in the movie, but it is fun to really check out the details here. Thanks, and I hope you find your Jude Law!

  5. what a small world... i love your blog...i love cote de texas blog...love the holiday house and yes, completely smitten with jude...aaahhhh we would be friends if we lived in the same town for sure!

  6. I know!
    This cottage...is just so...! *sigh*


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