French Food ...

Loving the industrial shabbiness of this fab french kitchen ...
Interior factory windows again ...
And some clear glass shelves over the sink ...
And gotta love those airconditioning pipes ...

All my faves together in one space!
Sigh xx


  1. I don't often comment but I visit almost daily. You have a great eye for design... this post is no exception.

  2. Oh & Emm you forgot to mention one wonderful feature of this gorgeous kitchen - romance! With it being so compact, there would just have to be some touchy-feely moments as you both met at the refrigerator!
    Millie ^_^

  3. total emmy kitchen, it would most definitely produce the best tuna parcels the world has ever seen! xx

  4. Oh, it is so bright! I would love to see the view. Wish i could keep my kitchen this clutter free!

  5. what a great use of a small space! love the industrial style and especially the glass shelves!

  6. Oh yes...a lovely little compact space! love the clear glass shelves too - what a great idea. Amanda x

  7. it is gorgeous, with it being such a small kitchen, this is totally amazing! maybe i could redecorate my little kitchen like this... great inspiration!

  8. What a fabulous kitchen... I want it...

  9. Love love this type of kitchen. Visited the website which is wonderful. Do you visit any other French websites like Marie-Clare's??? Would love to find more French ones. Many thanks Eva


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