The Grand Library ...

Oh, how I love a converted warehouse!
I would be happy forever here, of that I am certain ...
It is such a strong dream of mine to be able to convert a space like this one day ...
I will definitely be using interior factory windows like in the picture above, and have a mezzanine bedroom in the middle ...

Isn't that library just so overwhelmingly beautiful ...?



  1. Oh my gosh I love this! Gorgeous.


  2. Oh Emma, I adore this place! I especially love that orange armchair!

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  3. Be still my heart. I love the large library- so many bookshelves! Just heaven.

  4. Amazing space - emmy, you always find the most amazing places. Did I say it was amazing? x

  5. Nothing better than a good library..books, books, books and more books!

  6. Hey Emm, maybe you need to think a bit laterally here. Son #4 worked for a Shipping Company in Port Adelaide who's offices were right on the water in the most amazing old Victorian era 2 storey Bank. The Bank Managers always lived upstairs, & all those rooms weren't being used & were in stunning original condition - oh la la.

    He gave me a tour one day & I left a quivering mess of what possibilities that wonderful & huge old building presented.
    Millie ^_^

  7. Everytime I visit, you always have the most amazing photos. I adore this warehouse.

  8. How nice of them to have it all ready for ME to move in. Do you think three children and a husband will work in this loft too? Just beautiful!!!!


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