Hotel Perfection ...

Hotel perfection comes in the form of the Olde Bell Inn in Hurley, countryside UK, by the ever-so-stylish Ilse Crawford ...

That bathroom is simply stupendous!

Courtesy of Remodelista


  1. Hi Emma! I'm off to make my reservation.
    As for Maggie's barn, sadly I didn't keep those photos - except for one of a hall table that I liked, but it is fantastic, so I hope you do find them in internet land somewhere. Ness from Marley and Lockyer is featuring the divine Miss M today too. She had the most amazing, huge salvage doors in this home.

  2. It looks like the most relaxing place to escape for a vacation! Hotel perfection, indeed.

  3. Yes, that bathroom is truly one of best, although that mirror is very big, would have to blind-fold myself prior to getting out of the tub or the full-body shock would be all too much!
    Millie ^_^

  4. so lovely...wish i could move in... this is so clean and simple... unlike so many hotels... esp in u.s.!
    thank you for sharing..


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