Warehouse Wishes ...

I have been searching for online shotos of this place for months!
I first saw it in a WA magazine called Insite, but am retarded when it comes to scanners so though all hope was lost until I saw the photos on the always fabulous Remodelista blog ...

The converted warehouse belongs to the owners of Ochre, a glam furniture company in Europe ...
Obviously, the furniture is their own design, but the interior was there when they arrived - I wouldn't have changed it either ...

Now this roof is very familiar - exactly how my little loft looked! ObviouslyI didn't have a Barcelona chair, but I do have a few globes ...
Now this is the ticket!
Those unadorned factory windows - heaven!
The polished concrete floor!
And that stunner glav floating island ... with those fab vintage bar stools ...

And here is the last shot ... I couldn't think of a more chic housing option!
Fingers crossed there is something even a smidge this good waiting for me in Melbourne ... somehow, I think it is a long shot but the dream is alive!


  1. What a place - just love it Emm! I get such a feeling of remoteness (a very good thing!) looking at these pics. Cut off from the world & annoying neighbours, it would be like living on your very own planet.

    I'm very excited to be your blog of the week - now I'll have to make sure the remainder of the week's posts are up to your exacting standards!
    Millie ^_^

  2. So chic!! I love it!

  3. Awesome. As always.


  4. Oh, I have some photos saved from this loft (perhaps from desire to inspire?) but I haven't seen all of these images! Of course, I love them. And I am so envious you actually lived in loft resembling that one- how incredible!

  5. Lill McKinnonDecember 09, 2008

    Hi Emma, if you're moving to Melbourne and you have yourself a little warehouse fetish - Collingwood is the suburb for you. They have the most -amazing- warehouse conversions there. Or North Melbourne. I inspected an apartment in the converted Imperial Theatre in Lancashire Lane and almost cried it was so beautiful!

  6. Emma, I hope there is some sort of lovely scrubby loft waiting for you to put your magic on. Sounds like you deserved it.
    Ness xx


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