Waterway ...

How civilized being able to moor your little boat right at the front door?
Sold ...!

Here ...


  1. now that is the life. my aunty and uncle are currently selling their home on the brisbane river, and you can do this at their house too. hmmm, do you think we could scrape together a cool $3m to buy and moor (spelling?!) our boat there?? hmmm, first we should save for a boat hey.... x

  2. This does seem like a pretty fun idea!!!

  3. I never would have guessed that that was Sweden! Looks lovely, and very cozy :)

  4. I can quite picture myself sitting on that bench in the late evening sun waiting for my hubby to come home from work and rescue me from the kids! Lucky dreams are free.

  5. Goodness , this brings back memories. I used to live on a small island off the west coast of Florida. Our only access was by boat - which was enchanting , until I had to haul the groceries from the boat up a long dock to the house!
    A minor problem - and I do miss that very special little place.

  6. Definitely! Really quite romantic as well.


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