Beach Brain ...

Have just realised I forgot to do a post today - sorry chickens!

I think it is because I went here yesterday ... Torquay that is ... I fried just a little bit in the sun but then spent all night reading a fantastic book called 'The Lovely Bones' ...
I am mad and really like to finish books in as fastest time is possible ... it was worth it though
Consequently, I was not firing on all cylinders today ... back with brain tomorrow I promise xx


  1. What a great way to spend Australia Day!
    The Lovely Bones is one of my absolute all time favourite books, I've read it about three times now. The third time was not long after a friend's 14 year old daughter died, and I found the book kind of comforting.

  2. I agree Catherine, it is a fabulous read - read it in one day! While I have never experienced loss in a young person close to me, this example was very haunting and sad, yet still so hopeful x

  3. That looks like an incredible place to spend the day! I am so envious- a warm, sandy beach sounds like heaven.

    And I have "The Lovely Bones" on my (ridiculously long) to-read list, but I've never talked with anyone who has read it- glad to know that you and Catherine both give it thumbs up. And sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than being able to finish a book in one day!

    Oh, and thanks for the blog love! I am so flattered! xx

  4. Sad, but great book!

    Btw, I nominated your blog here;)



  5. So jealous of the your venture to the beach, as I'm stuck in the ice and snow. By the way, "Lovely Bones," is an amazing novel. Not the easiest subject matter to delve into, but original and engaging.


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