Dance the night away ...

Because I am about to tarnish my beautiful blog with Pamela Anderson, here is a stunning shot from my files to try and make up for it .....

Forgive me!

I went to a fabulous Melbourne pub the other night and danced for hours ...
This dancing was mainly fueled by the awesome set of tunes the DJ had selected ...
and here are the best 2 for your enjoyment (hopefully!) ...

I will certainly be going back!


  1. LOL
    I used to live right at the beach were they filmed this show. funny, made me homesick while watching it!

  2. Oh, man! My youngest brother was obsessed with Baywatch from, I think, about the ages of 5-8. Every late afternoon, without fail, Baywatch was on our television. Thanks for the laugh and the memory.

  3. I remember those 'dance all night' days. Cherish them pet! A-M xx

  4. Yes, same as Courtney here too, except that it was my youngest son (now 25) who was Pammy fixated at the age of 6. His brothers still give him heaps about it, but he won't hear a bad word about the girls, oops I meant girl!!
    Millie ^_^


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