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I have stumbled upon my spiritual home ... I know that is a very dramatic sweeping statement, and I may have said it before, but this time it is most definitely true!

Nirvana exists - it is living at Tarlo and Graham on Chapel St ...

It is as if all of my favourite props and bits and bobs have been pulled by a giant magnet from across the globe into this one perfect space ... I was audibly gasping as I glimpsed at all the treasures ...

They have drums ...
They have antlers ...
They have globes ...
They have vintage surgical cabinets...
and other rare and fanciful whimsies ...

Now, the geniuses behind it have cleverly done the hard yards trawling around the back alleys and spotting the hidden gems, but the prices are worth it ... they have things I have been searching for years for ...

And, Mum, I know, I certainly don't need any more props! A girl can look and dream though, right?

Images here ...


  1. Emma, I loved visiting that shop when I lived in Melbourne. I once fell for a very large metal windmill there but never managed to persuade my hubby that we needed it! It is probably a good thing that it was not the easiest shop to visit with multiple little children as I could have spent a vast amount of money there.

  2. That shop will be on my list if I ever make it down to AU....love the deer antler look...but i would opt for fakes. : )

    Jen Ramos
    'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

  3. i love that first image! i am into antlers lately, don't know why but I am loving them in interiors!

  4. Wow. I could also spend hours there — such an amazing space. Wow.


  5. Wow. I could also spend hours there — such an amazing space. Wow.


  6. I would be broke if I went there. I love that cabinet and those advertising posters are lovely.
    Ness xx

  7. Oh you lucky girl Emma! Melbourne shopping is just amazing and this shop looks like its worth a long look next time we are there for business - thanks for sharing! Tracey x

  8. Um, if Emma was a shop, this would be it! love it bella, love it x

  9. This shop is right up my street too. I love the cabinets - I really want one of those.

  10. ohhh - love this. reminds me of the store i worked in in LA for a while - empiric. thanks for the blog love emma! honored to be picked :)

  11. Oh, now I am really envious! This is certainly my type of place (maps! globes! antlers! beautiful old cabinets!) Now if I could just get to Australia... xx

  12. Thankyou, I'm only new to Victoria and I've been wondering where all these fabulous homewares shops are in Melbourne. Are there any other places you can share?

  13. I forgot to mention that I too am an ex SouthWest Australian who has recently defected to the East Coast. I hop[e you are enjoying your move so far


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