Pug Sloshed ...

Kit from the always gorgeous That Unreliable Girl blog sent me over this hilarious puggy link last week ...
I believe this scene is very possible since the long lost baby Rufus would also have eaten or drank anything that was put in his path ... including 20 big macs .. or was it 30 Sal???
He was pretty naughty!

Off to get hot and bothered at the races ... might need a drip or 2 after depending on how the day progresses ... hope to see you Monday!!!


  1. It was 6 whoppers! What a sight that was...!

  2. Definite look of desperation on 'lil Pug's face here Emm! MOTH once had a doggy called Hoover (very aptly named) who snuck into the kitchen during a dinner party one night & gobbled up a whole Stilton cheese off the bench when no-one was looking!). Gosh you're brave attempting the Races in this heat - may all your bets be winning ones.
    Millie ^_^

  3. That is one hilariously cute pug! Have a great weekend, Emma. Enjoy the races and stay as cool as you can! xx

  4. Haha that is hilarious! That's a different pugsie to the one I sent you, but I think it's even better :D

    Have a great weekend Emma!

    xx Kit


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