Shop Chic ...

I wish I could remember where I first found the link to this fabulous shop but alas I cannot ...
Anyway, isn't it lovely?
I think I would feel right at home if I just moved in!


Perfectly proportioned and fabulously edited prop settings ...
Love that brown and beige link pattern on this chair ....
And all interior walls should be painted thickly with white just like this ...

Take a leaf out of Husdons book, they sure know how to do it well ...


  1. OMG, Emma...BEAUTIFUL! Lots of sweet perfection in this place!

  2. Oooh so lovely, I luuuurve the old suitcases and the vintage sign. I have my very own brick wall painted white, but it's in my back terrace...wish I could steal a bit of that charm into my living room...maybe I need some faux-brick wallpaper :D

  3. Great fun find Emm! Love those oversized lanterns - gosh have I got just the spot for them.
    Happy Melbourne weekend to you - go hard!
    Millie ^_^

  4. Lovely! The pattern on the chair is actually Kelly Wearstler's "Imperial Trellis" :)

  5. aaaaghhh, i love that old sign.

  6. What a fantastic shop and post..I love it all! Can't wait for a trip to Boston to shop..In the meantime, will just enjoy your post !!

  7. what a gorgeous shop, wish we had one in Australia too!

  8. love the green birdcage! good work!



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