Snip ...

Don't you wish you could sometimes get your hair cut longer?
I know in the modern world this is of course called hair extensions but just can't bring myself to do it.... let alone pay for it!

The dilemma is that I either want a really long mane or a short sharp cut ... never in the middle, which is of course what I currently have!

So, tonight am going short again - but just short enough so I can't get it in a pony tail and be cursed with high school hair forever ...!


  1. Emma...I wish I still had hair to cut! ;)

  2. I always wished this ... mainly because my mother insisted on cutting my hair like a boy. And giving me a boy's name. And all I wanted was to be like Agnetha from ABBA.

  3. Oh what a familiar tale! Yes, I do wish you could get your hair cut longer (other than extensions, of course!) I always get the urge to grow my hair out super long, but, then, it get's mid-length, and I'll have that for a while and then decide I am craving it to be shorter again! It's probably been over 10 years since I've actually reached the long phase (and the super-long phase... well that's probably been since I decided to chop off my hair AND get a perm in 4th grade... bad choice!)

  4. I am hearing you! I love my hair short and funky, but I get urges to grow it. I am currently in the phase 'thinking' I will grow it. My sister was horrified and said NO WAY! So this phase of wanting to grow it will last about 3 days until I see my hairdresser (also my best friend) and she has a new trendy style up her sleeve!

  5. oh, i completely understand.
    my hair is naturally curly and I had it down to my butt. it was me!
    then I cut it off short, all at once.(about 18")
    i can never go back... that in the middle doesn't work for me!

  6. I have pretty long hair and I can't imagine cutting it. I had a dream or should I say nightmare where I took scissors to my hair and started snipping. I wonder what that means. I love this girls do. I wish I could do that to mine. Lovely blog! Hope your haircut turns out cute.

  7. This is funny since my friends and family always say I am the only person they know who can go get their haircut and come back with it looking longer. I have very naturally curly hair that I straighten about 50% of the time. However, when I get it cut, I always have her blow dry it straight since she does it so well. I always leave there with my hair about 4 inches or so longer since it is straight.

  8. I have too much hair, have some of mine! I'm way too lazy to do anything decent with it though (straightening literally takes an hour), so...I confess, I freakin' love pony tails. My bedhair is not the glamourous sort, that's for sure.


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