Ahoy ...

I know it's super kitsch ... but I can't help my love of all things nautical!
I saw the link to this wildly fantastic Swedish shop called Par Courrier over at Designers Block and just had to share ...

Who isn't in the market for an hat stand crafted from oars?
Or a crazy deck like shelf?

No jokes about the cushions please ... I HAVE to have them....
I might have to start bidding on torn sails on eBay and make some myself ...
I know a bin shaped like the steamer stack may be a bit over the top ... but definitely a talking point!


  1. Oh, I love nautical items too! I think those pillows are adorable, in a very good way!! I can't wait to check out their site.

  2. LOVE the deck-like shelf! How adorable and unique. Thanks for the tip-off :)

  3. I love the first boxy thing, it's not too OTT and would go perfectly with my beaten up old red oars. My only other attempt at nautical is a cushion that has red shipping stamps on it. Nautical done well can be awesome.

  4. These are not that kitsch,that's probably mahogany steering wheels you're thinking of... And these are quite humorous, too! That shelf is so cool!

  5. Great cushions, no laughing here. We have a huge one used as a big floor cushion...It sits near the coffee table made like a boat..

  6. That deck shelf is unbelievable...I adore it!!


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