Lost Arts ...

I love it when people read my blog and seem to just get my style ... and occasionally I receive lovely emails with suggestions about other things I might love ...
One such email came through from Mark pointing me in the direction of his company Lost Found Art ...
Oh, happy day ... I could buy it all ...

Their aim is to create installations combining 'artistic statement, whimsy, form and uniqueness' ...
And they suggest they can create either the 'subtle or outrageous'!
Fabulous philosophies to live life by, I say!

Alas, they are located in the US, but I can dream!

My one lonely black and white striped skittle would be right at home here xx


  1. What a wonderful design company. Beautiful collections. Each one art.

  2. "Oh, happy day" indeed!!
    Love their stuff. I've bookmarked their website - thanks so much for the introduction.
    Those pieces in the last pic are called Indian Clubs --- I went ga-ga for them a while ago and ended up with a collection of about 300!
    Now it's down to about 20, but the visual repetition is still fab :-))
    .... . Judith

  3. they do have gorgeous items! i will have to dream too! :)

  4. What great, artful objects. Now why oh why can't this lovely shop be in Australia (more specifically Melbourne). If it was, I'd be in my car already making my way there.

    Also, as a blogger that's new to Melbourne, you might like to pop over to my blog to see the post I've done on Home Furniture On Consignment - a shop that I think you might like that's right here in Melbourne.

    Have a great week, and thanks for the inspirational post.

  5. Love their work!

    I actually just found these and thought of you, I think the listing ends today. xx


  6. LOVING their stuff and so you. You seriously need more skittles!
    Missing you! x

  7. the croquet post collection on their site is incredible. i will definitely contact them for pricing. thank you!!

  8. Those chairs are just incredible...great stuff all around!!!


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