Trunk ...

Fabulous place to hang out if ever in Melbourne kids ... Trunk Bar in the CBD ...
I have only been hanging out there a teensy bit ... mainly to analyse the spectacular interior design of course!

Gorgeous courtyard is a must ... loads of lovely Tolix chairs and stools (unfortunately not that comfortable on a warm evening I am sad to report!), and cool big steel planters filled with terracotta pots ... clever ... and of course lots of fairy lights and well suited bankers ...

Then you head inside and your jaw drops ... each details is meticulous ...
It has the industrial edge that I really love, while still remaining casual and unpretentious ...
Can't really see the windows that well in the photos, but they are grid like reinforced glass that reminds me of primary school ... fab.
And the shelves are copper ... good!

The naked bulb lighting is very big in Melbourne fit-outs I feel ... not getting sick of it though as it is so transferable and simply effective.

Note, the illustration on the far wall - bit like skater graffiti but it really works ...

I am pained to announce that the best bit of the entire place is the bathrooms (well, I have only been to the girls but I imagine the boys would be the same) ...
You will have to make do with my description ...!

Black door with a copper handle and pane of reinforced misty glass in the centre ...
Tiny black hexagonal matt tiled floor ...
Subway tiled in shiny white all the way up the wall AND over the ceiling (this looks fabulous!) ...
White tongue and groove walls for the stalls and doors ...
Long marble bar with sink cut into it ...
The taps are tarnished copper with the piping exposed in front of the mirror (turbo fabulous) ...
Best of all the lights are (of course) the hanging naked bulbs, but in the bathroom they get the extra glitz of being half dipped in silver to dim them a little bit ...

When I have a house of my own one day I will be marching my builder into this bathroom and demanding an exact replica - perfection!


  1. This looks so GORGEOUS!!! Next time...bathroom pics too! Well, assuming that all is clear. ;)

    Very inspiring!

  2. That bathroom sounds fantastic! I notice a gorgeous bathroom too.

  3. Oh wow, sounds lovely! One day...maybe I would visit there. Loving the naked bulbs :)

  4. Oh, I agree, Trunk is great! It's a lovely spot in summer - dramatic without being overly formal.

  5. I have a client just across the road from Trunk & have popped in there a couple of times during the day - I think you've captured the essence of Trunk oh so well. Next time I go there I must go check out the toilets!! Lee :)

  6. Oh Emma, as if I find it hard enough not to move to the great city that is Melbourne, you go and introduce me to "Trunk" - "far out brussel sprout!" - need to book my next visit I think. A day trawling "The Junk Company" etc and then to "Trunk" me thinks! SOOOO good to have you back in bloggy world beautiful x

  7. love black when it's used in interiors/furnishing, adore the naked bulb look too!

    ps, absolutely love your blog & would love to exchange links if you're interested? xx

  8. Ditto on the bathroom pics!

    Hope you are enjoying Melb, it is one of my favorite places, all kinds of interesting things going on there.

  9. What a cool-looking place to hang out - love the patio area :)

  10. I love the open ceilings! SO fresh and airy!

  11. Trunk looks a fab destination, xv.

  12. love the high and open ceilings. i tore out the drop ceilings in my shop to expose the duct work just like that. i had it painted a metallic gold by ralph lauren. stunning. i too love naked lightbulbs. keeping it simple sometimes is the best thing.

  13. thank you for sharing this lovely place...

  14. That bathroom sounds fantastic! I notice a gorgeous bathroom too.

  15. I just found your blog last night, and I'm ever so glad I did! I was even more excited to see you're based in Melbourne, as I am.

    Trunk looks great- the interiors are fantastic!

  16. Melbourne is a favourite destination of ours, great to see this this fab place, will be checking it out next visit.


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