Book Pugs ...

My new babies ... they had my name written all over them and I couldn't resist ... you should have seen the fiasco trying to get them through to Melbourne in my hand luggage though - I think the airport dudes thought I was smuggling pug drugs!

Get more fabulous bits and bobs just like these darlings at Kim's precious shop, Brown Button Trading xx

Happy weekend friends!


Barn Love ...

A little blog love is heading over the Pacific to the Barn House boys ... I love everything they do - perfect styling, whimsical props, liberal use of the dented and rambly, and you know they are just loving every minute of it!
Good use of the twig!
That letter E is meant for me! And that birdie painting is just divine ...
Don't you just love that hay on the floor? Gorgeous ...
(My Mum loves this blog too - we are obsessed with having a barn one day ... as if that isn't obvious yet!!??)
Damn being so far away!


Sweet Ted ...

Have been having another blog rest kids... terrible for the readership, I know, but none the less, feeling a bit sparklier!

Am keen to do another themed week ... any suggestions?