Barn Love ...

A little blog love is heading over the Pacific to the Barn House boys ... I love everything they do - perfect styling, whimsical props, liberal use of the dented and rambly, and you know they are just loving every minute of it!
Good use of the twig!
That letter E is meant for me! And that birdie painting is just divine ...
Don't you just love that hay on the floor? Gorgeous ...
(My Mum loves this blog too - we are obsessed with having a barn one day ... as if that isn't obvious yet!!??)
Damn being so far away!


  1. Fabulous find in this barn, don't they know how to stage a creative corner. Nice to see you blogging again with fun and inspiring finds.

  2. I almost did a post on them too. They are extremely talented. My new neighbor Linda, who owns Willow Nest, sets up at their shows sometimes. I have not yet gone to see them. When you live in Texas everything is far away too. It take a whole days drive just to get out of the state. Have a great day. Heidi

  3. I adore everything the Barn Boys do too - they're just too damn creative & clever! Lee :)

  4. Ohhhh, this is so lovely.

  5. Oh, Emma! Lemme tell you...they're amazing guys and that barn is just MAGISTASTIC! Oh yes, I'm within driving distance! Well 2.5 hours away but WELL WORTH IT!

  6. Love the paintings of the cow and seagull...what a great place!

  7. wow - this looks amazing - thanks for sharing

  8. Oh.. what a lovely blog. I found you while I was searching for some glass dome.. Glad I found you..

    x Julie

  9. Ha! We were talking about you today! I help the boys of Barnhouse out during these frantic, crazy and WONDERFUL events! Today Linda & Ludmil of Willow Nest were there special guests. I have to say that the boys set up their things all by their extremely talented selves. Linda & Ludmil are their mentors as she is most of ours here in the NW & now to her new home of Texas.

    Maybe one day you can come on up & see us. We have a BLAST!

    Take care!


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