French Divine ...

French fabulosity ...
this is Marcel Marongiu's gorgeous place as featured in Marie Claire Maison ...

Even though I think the bed is a little on the low side, still, I love the composition of this bedroom ... the paintings hung in that horizontal strip is unusual and striking, and I adore the restrained colour scheme (or lack there of) ...
More of the same restrained palate ...golden accents in the frames add an air of faded grandeur and elegance...
And I am impressed he hasn't tried to hide the stereo too - it is about the only touch that makes it look like a boys house really!
And here is the sitting room from the back angle, looking behind the screen to the bedroom beyond ... makes me miss my loft so much - nothing like a secret bedroom behind a screen ...


  1. Oh, this is gorgeous--a real place to escape to and dream. I love the use of black here, too. Just lovely.

  2. I love how all the artwork is hung! beautifully!!!
    what a great space!

  3. I love the colours, and I love that chandelier, perfect.

    Leeann x

  4. Love the color palate...reminds me of Stephen Shubel.The strong black (and slanted roof line) is such a great contrast to the vintage painted pieces, crystal chandelier, floppy sofa...

  5. oh, i too love the neutral color scheme. worn and comfortable. the framed pieces above the bed are an interesting take on a headboard of sorts. and love that rough shutter room divider. i have an old shutter that i have fixed to my wall at the shop and it holds hand made cards and food mags. love using hunks of old homes for such things :)

  6. Wow, everything seems so natural, yet reveals a very specific "rightness" I LOVE it.

  7. I could just move right on in...


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