Marche au Puce ...

Here are a few shots that do absolutely no justice to an amazing market I went to in Paris ...
I walked for about 45 minutes because I really couldn't understand the Metro (and was a bit scared of it!) ... and boy, was the walk worth it!
This stall was amazing ... mind blowing ... stupendous! A ginormous font filled with sea shells? Genius!
I took the shots while the woman wasn't looking so that is why they aren't so great - but I'm sure you can get the drift!
And by now you can imagine I was gasping for air and fighting back the tears... stacks of Tolix chairs with just the right amount of dings and rust ... oh, how I wish I had a shipping container ...

One day I will go back and buy them all up x


  1. You really get the feel of paris from your photo's. I know what you mean by the last photo!! :(

  2. We are all going to enjoy your photo tour of the French countryside. Oh don't you wish we had those sort of vintage markets in Oz.

  3. man,. those Tolix chairs just weren't designed to be squeezed into a suitcase, were they??? :(

    also, thought of you when I saw this post:

  4. Love these images of French objects de art...

  5. Looks like a fabulous way to spend a day! Don't you wish you could find stacks of tolix chairs like that at our local markets? What a find! Tracey xx

  6. Definitely worth the 45 minute walk - so many gorgeous things!

  7. Amazing pictures, how I wish we had such markets here...am drooling over these images!!

    Lovely blog :)

  8. Emma! This is one of my favorite place in all of Paris! I furnished our apartment mostly with pieces from there and when we left Paris, we had a shipping container so I went on a spree. It was like a dream. :)

  9. AnonymousJuly 16, 2009

    Where in paris is this?

  10. Sorry anonymous... I will have a check back through my notes, find out for you and post it later on today - well worth seeing!

  11. Thank you...thank you...thank you!!! Wish you had a spy cam...hmmm.

  12. i am feeling my heart beat faster and faster... i was so fortunate years ago to find a few tolix chairs and now they live in my dining room... i am sure you had such a wonderful time... thank you for sharing these pics...it is sooooo exciting!
    have a great week. pam

  13. Is this perhaps the Marche aux puces... at Porte de Clignancourt in Paris? I was there ten years ago and loved every moment! Wonderful shopping....love your photographs! Hope to go back one day soon!
    Take care, Laura

  14. Laura - you are a star - correct! It was the market at Porte de Clingancourt ... I will definitely be back there one day too xx

    I am so glad you all loved it! Thanks for the lovely comments x

  15. What wonderful French/vintage finds!

    Have a wonderful weekend. Lylah


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