Oof ... Oof ...

What a perfect little angel ... Kim, you made my day when you sent this over xx

Did you know that French puppies say oof oof? I loved that when I heard it ... French holiday photos to come soon friends ... just getting them recovered from my dodgy USB!



  1. AnonymousJuly 10, 2009

    i came to your blog because of the picture! I have one and the oof, oof... is true!!!!!they are sooooo cute.

    kisses from spain

  2. oui oui! can't get too excited but I'm flipping over the moon - W&W is BACK! love it darling girl. you are a total natural and your posts are amazing. so different, so original, sourced by you. love xx

  3. Oh my goodness, what a sweet sweet pug photo! And I can't wait to see photos from your holiday in France! xo

  4. What a cute pug picture! They are such sweet dogs.

  5. I have fallen in love today... :o)
    Love this dog! Have a lovely day today! geisslein


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