Hip Hip Hooray ...

My heartfelt best wishes go to my dear friend Kim (of the famous BB blog....) today as she begins her new adventure ...
She will be an amazing success - guaranteed.

And I am super excited that she is coming over for a 4 day shopping bonanza/relaxing break with me here in Melbs ... can't wait to see you tomorrow my dearest ...

Posting will get cracking again next week ... Happy weekend friends xx


  1. tear! talk about a bag full of mixed emotions today, very excited, very exhausted, very nostalgic (i'm hopeless like that- you should have seen me this morning - last time I walk up the stairs to work as employee, last time I log onto the computer, last time I procrastinate before starting the day... you get my picture) - see you tomorrow, hip hip horray! xx

  2. yeah Kimberley!

    You both have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. You two are going to have a great time. Enjoy. Have plans for another Melbourne visit soon, cant wait.

  4. oh how wonderful! you'll surely have a great time together! xo

  5. Good luck for the coming event. Hope you will have a wonderful time with your friend.

  6. Nice to have someone to enjoyed shopping with. Hope you had a great time together.

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